Normal Pricing

$19.99 per window -- WASHING (exterior only)

$33.30 per window -- WASHING (interior & exterior)

$12.00 per window -- RAIN X REPEL treatment (exterior only)

How do we count our windows??

Single and Double Hung Windows slide up and down and can tilt-in. Usually they have metal, wood or vinyl frames.  Picture below shows one window sliding up and down.  This counts as ONE window.

Storm Windows are windows installed outside of a normal window to protect the home from low temperatures and street noise. Usually the outside window is a thin framed glass that slides up and down. It has to be removed in order to be washed. These windows look like windows sliding up and down in the picture below.  They count as a separate window.

Window Sets can have a combination of configurations.  Such as two sides and one picture window, as shown below, or even two sides and three picture windows in between.  Some people count this as one window but that's incorrect.  It's a set of multiple windows.  The two most common types of big panel windows are horizontal sliding windows and door-type windows.  In these situations each pane of glass is one window.


Multiple Pane Windows are typically small pane windows and are a French style or similar.  If you cannot feel the window pane dividers then it is one solid pane of glass.  However if they are made of small panes and you can feel the dividers, they and take much longer to clean. Therefore, every twelve panes counts as one window.
The picture below would count as 3 1/2 windows.

Winter Cleaning Special

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Window Cleaning Special

Only $7 per window

We also offer our exclusive Rain-X Repel product, specially formulated to be used on residential windows.  This professional level protection helps to keeps dust from sticking to the glass and helps water from leaving spots after light or heavy rains. If you would like more information or specific pricing for your home, please contact us at 214-681-0007, or go to the Contact Us tab at the top of the website, and we can answer any questions you may have, and quote you an exact price for your project!    

In never seems to fail, Springtime comes and we need to clean the windows on our home, but what about those other important times of year, Summer, Fall and Winter?   Regardless of the time of year, our Professional Window Washers are ready to clean anytime.  If its for a big event or quarterly or annual cleaning, our team is always here for you and we offer several different packages to help with this reoccurring maintenance around the home.  

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